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International Weird Collage Show / LONDON. UK. Group Show
Jealous Gallery, East London, UK.


Más fácil que dibujar, en serio. Workshop
Sandwich Mixto, Madrid, Spain

Assemblage #1
International Weird Collage Show Gatherings
. Gathering Host
Casa Filomena, Burgos, Spain

Herbario. Solo Show
Planthae, Madrid, Spain


International Weird Collage Show / BARCELONA. Spain. Curated Group Show
Espronceda, Center for Art & Culture, Barcelona, Spain

OTRA PUTA FERIA MAS. Group Exhibition
Galería 6más1, Madrid, Spain


SOLO. Solo Show
Do Design, Madrid, Spain

Montagne Designs: Nouvelles Inspirations. Group Exhibition
Fonds Glènat, Couvent Sainte-Cécile, Grenoble, France


International Weird Collage Show / MONTREAL. Canada. Curated Group Show
Montreal, Canada

International Weird Collage Show / BROOKLYN. USA. Curated Group Show
The Invisible Art Dog Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Jules Verne & Co. Group Show
Museo del Romanticismo, Madrid, Spain

Viajes. Group Show
Museo Cerralbo, Madrid, Spain

Totems & Sets. Lecture
Pega, papel y tijera. La Trasera. Facultad de Bellas Artes, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain


Ridiculously Easier Than Drawing, I Swear. Workshop and Lecture
Beato Bigote, Treviso, Italy

International Weird Collage Show / MADRID. Spain. Curated Group Show
Galería Mad is Mad, Madrid, Spain

How I Deal With Life. Workshop and Lecture in conversation with April Gertler
IWCS Berlin, tête, Berlin, Germany

International Weird Collage Show / BERLIN. Germany. Curated Group Show
tête, Berlin, Germany

International Weird Collage Show / MADRID. Spain. Curated Group Show
La Piola, Madrid, Spain

International Weird Collage Show / SAN JOSÉ. Costa Rica. Curated Group Show
Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo, San José, Costa Rica

International Weird Collage Show / QUITO. Ecuador. Curated Group Show
Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito, Quito, Ecuador


Utopía, Duque de Rivas 5, Madrid. Group Show

Postales desde el Limbo, Edificio Paraninfo, Zaragoza. Group Show

International Weird Collage Show / LIMA. Perú. Curated Group Show
Domingo, Lima, Perú

LLAGE & CO., Valverde 23, Madrid. Group Show

Conjuntos (Sets), La Piola, Madrid. Solo Show

Bruto, Espacio Brut, Madrid. Solo Show


10th, Panta Rhei, Madrid. Group Show

International Weird Collage Show, Opperclaes., Rotterdam. Curated group show

Volátiles Invitan, La Eriza, Madrid. Group Show

WALLPAPER/BB, Art&Design Gallery, Barcelona. Group Show

Cutters Edges, Contemporary Collage, Gestalten Space, Berlin. Group Show

Let’s Be Our Heroes. Workshop
Gloria Gallery, Madrid, Spain

International Weird Collage Show, Gloria Gallery, Madrid. Curated Group Show

Wallpaper, Gallery Art & Design, Barcelona. Group Show

Cutters: International Collage Serie, West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen, County Cork, Ireland. Group Show